Monday, February 03, 2014


Sounds poetic to talk about the wind,
but the wind is much more,
than Mother Nature’s breath…

I speak of the wind,
that brings the new in your life,
the wind that blows in your ears,
creating the path to move forward…

I speak of the one,
who takes the loose handkerchief,
off the passenger in the train of life….

And the one that brings an air,
of aspiration of life,
to the sick in bed…

I speak of that wind,
that involves us in hope,
the wind of a smile,
of a child…

I speak of the one,
that takes everything out of place,
and of the one,
where its breeze is so mild,
that people do not want,
to let it go ...

What would be of the dawn of summer,
with no wind…
and of the high mill,
without the windy days,
creating its blow ...

The children's cries and sobs,
and in wind, they wish to see their Mother’s hope,
let the wind rock the sea of life…

by Jacky Sewell