Sunday, November 15, 2015

Humanity Reflections - Prayers for the World !!!

It is unfortunate that there are still humans in a primitive state of its mental and moral faculties, using their own convictions to subordinate others to their truth. Thus, tarnishing the name of a doctrines through their egocentric fanaticism, which attacks the peace, security and the lives of their fellow men. 

But evil becomes insignificant in the face of the brotherhood movements, that arise in the hearts of the awakened souls, moved by the love to thy neighbour. Thus, proving that there are more acts of humanity on the planet than the isolated cases of insanity, now staging as major news in the media worldwide. 

Let's send a prayer for all involved, embracing them in healing light. Not only for those victims that they shall rest in peace, but for also the unfortunate evildoers who will suffer the consequences of their follies. 

Among the tragedies, faith in humanity is renewed. It is beautiful to see, the sense of brotherhood in the hearts of viewers the world. Be by the sad news of tragic terrorist attacks, as in devastating wars, as in inhumane struggle for human rights, or due to natural disasters that ceased the lives of so many.

Often these tragedies, trigger a chain of unification and compassion in the intimate fibers of human beings, who come into harmony with its true essence, the divine love. Let's emanate therefore, positive vibrations to those who suffer, but more so to the world that in the face of these distressing events, do not get carried away by hatred and fear that corrodes the soul, and strengthens the forces of evil.

May all awaken to a collective and unifying consciousness of brotherhood and universal peace, for we are inter-connected by the same creator. I wish that the divine light shine upon all victims of the world, but more over on the mind and soul of our whole humanity, especially of those who are in charge of each nation of this Planet, those who can make a difference to its population!


by @JackySewell