Wednesday, June 08, 2016

#Jesus ... The #Prince of #Peace !!!

There was a man, a man of light, known as the 'Prince of Peace', who came into this world by divine mercy, to warn us of our ignorance that makes us suffer, and which unfortunately, is still so present.

It has been more than two thousand years, and his messages, even though misinterpreted, have transformed a world of primitive values ​​into hope and faith, in the heart of those whom he touched. 

Not even the skeptical can negate, that he is the most important 'avatar' of the planet history to set foot on the soil of Earth...the history of humanity has changed to a 'before and after' of him!

Master Jesus showed us the true nature of God. He did not destroy his self-acclaimed enemies, or those who thought differently from him, with "twelve legions of angels." He did not create religions with their superficial interpretations of the truth, causing a shameful separatism. But has overcome evil with the power of divine love, and welcomed everyone without discrimination.

His actions showed the world the greatness of his spirit, and his resurrection symbolized the continuation of life...

He glorified the supreme love of the Creator, who does not get offended, nor punishes the so called "sinners" as many preach. Because it knows the human nature, the heart of those little souls who still in its intellectual, moral and spiritual childhood... and like the Divine Intelligence that governs all, he felt sorry for their poor choices and way of understanding life, because he knew there would be suffering consequences.

However, as a patient and wise Master, his behavior among men was to exemplify the 'unconditional love'. He had the nature of those who are one with the Creator, and lived in his few years of life, what he meant by "we are its image and likeness", in spirit of light...

Why then, with a Master of such greatness, beauty, simplicity and love, after more than 2000 years, those who self-claim his fortunate students and followers, choose to focus on his martyrdom on the cross as the salvation of their souls (sad reminder of human smallness) but still have not understood his most sublime and great message ??

"Love one to another, as I have loved you"

by @JackySewell