Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#ELEGANCE is the New #Fashion !

Nowadays, unfortunately, elegance seems to be outdated; and we are not talking only in dress mode, but mostly in posture and attitudes. 

For a good observer, it is really easy to see and read what can be expected of a person, based on their behaviors and opinions in social networks, and their way of dealing with others in their everyday situations. Consequently, influencing their level of language.

I believe that elegance is something innate, that comes from the soul. Generally, a person who is elegant in its way of being, is a spirit with a certain moral, intellectual or spiritual elevation. 

Elegance goes hand in hand with education, but it is not the same thing. Education will make a natural elegant, someone who is more ethical. It even seems to be contradictory to say it, but they show a certain humility in their simple and courteous dealings with others.

Their mannerisms are shockingly visible in the eyes of a decadent society that worships fads and profanity. Because they reveal what is missing in them. They are seen as beings from other planets, for being so rare. But elegance is independent of social class, in fact it's very close to a matter of character.

Elegance should be infiltrated in all areas of human behavior. Because it demolishes any traces of discomfort in the treatment of one towards the other, even in embarrassing moments. The respect to everything and everyone, is the flagship maneuvering the attitudes of an elegant person, even within an unpleasant situation. 

We should globally make a campaign to the return of the elegance. It is a huge lacking within society, but especially for young people who admire and condone having to lower their level, in order to expose their point of views. Sad fact of our present reality.

Observe and reflect upon the attitude of an elegant person. They pleasantly will teach you valuable lessons, even without saying a word!

by Jacky Sewell