Saturday, March 15, 2014

#Awakening of #Consciousness

This term (The awakening of consciousness) is widely used by esoteric, as the transition and elevation of thoughts and vibrations from matter to spirit. Although the breathing techniques, meditations or any kind of spiritual initiation are totally valid and solid with its purpose, this subject is absurdly comprehensive and connected to an awakening of our cosmic consciousness, our responsibility and role as citizen of this universe, starting with our mother EARTH.

This is mainly related with how to develop or release certain concepts, prejudices and archetype constructions of the mind, pre-conceived thoughts throughout times, culture, education, race, government repression, our limited vision and interpretation of the sacred texts, and the precarious knowledge and personal limitations in the psychological, intellectual, moral and spiritual area.

An awakening of cosmic consciousness, start with the most basic thing in society: "Education", developing a new being, with a more independent point of view and no slavery to the material world. These beings are coming into this planet in the care of parents, who should be more aware of the role they must play, in their development. Freed from the shackles of the past and selfishness.

One must be very careful not to impose in our children, our fears and our own old ways of thinking, that are totally outdated and obsolete:  'Where all runs after ‘having’ and little is spoken about ‘being’. Unfortunately, this role is usually left for religions to care, when many of them, have already exceeded their validity dates, in their pre-historic concepts and views. The present time, clearly confirms that to us, through the chaotic results of its effects, in a sick and unhappy society, that became consumerist, arrogant, materialistic, separatist, and irrespective of their social level, have triggered the great evil of the century: "Depression".

We need to wake up to an evolved cosmic being, and raise our vibratory pattern simply by becoming more responsible for each other. 'Our misfortune is another’s unhappiness; they joy is our happiness too.’

Those beings should work in all walks of life, in view of the general good and not just its individual. Using ethics in their attitudes towards life and everything in it. Of course, for this to happen, it takes self-knowledge, freedom of feelings of guiltiness, fears that are deeply rooted, inherited by our forerunners and by placing high cultivation of the action love, not the utopic one. 

One that embraces humanity as part of his own, has developed himself in harmony with universal peace, human rights and the consciousness of unconditional love. These concepts should be firmly instructed by their parents, supplemented in school knowledge, and consolidated in their attitudes within society. Everyone fulfilling their part.

“Educating people, to understand the consequences of their actions, or the result of the lack thereof. Using their own moral and spiritual knowledge, to aim a general good with no restrictions and limitations, but as part of their day- to-day, in all their attitudes and everyday decisions. Believing in his strength and power to fight for 'Good against Evil', not being the slave or victim of circumstances, materialism, people and governments, because we all have the consciousness of what is right and wrong. Doing good to anyone, doing unto others what we would like to be done to ourselves, regardless of race, colour, religion and social status. Simple as that!"

I foresee a society of a new generation, aware of all this, and they will make a difference since the very early stage of their lives, in any type of function they may exercise. Each will be an example of duty, integrity, honesty, trust and in so, fulfilling their personal mission within their spiritual and social degree of elevation.

Evil will be a very temporary feeling and even an outdated behaviour. Evil will be the minority and all will rise to re-educate them, because evil is the ignorance of goodness. 

We are responsible for everything and everyone around us and we are co-creators of all that happens to us, accordingly, to whatever will happen too. People need to see themselves as the lifeblood to establish this new world, and stop transferring these responsibilities to other hands, to chance or God...

It is time for us to be vigilant of our thoughts, words and actions, so we can build a better world for future generations. It is time for us to become a better inter - planetary neighbour, in this vast galaxy of stars which we are part of it. So we can venture this universe, with a clear conscious of what we represent in it. We must take the reins and control of our lives, of our mental home, our heart and therefore become a more consciously awaken citizen .

'There is much more out there, than the eyes of ignorance will ever be able to see'

By Jacky Sewell