Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Courage…an inner strength that governs the life events of an individual, affecting not only himself, but all those who share his vision. It is faith in itself…the spring that propels us to take those quantum leaps out of our comfort zone. A force that generates, execute and materialize all our plans, dreams and ideals.

"Courage eliminates the fear of those who have in mind a complete vision of what they want to achieve. The courageous person does not identify himself with any feeling of doubt, because he knows and believes on his own ability to move on and reach the final destination."

Courage is not something to be developed; every human being has it latent within. It is used as a tool of progress, by those who believes, is not shaken and neither gives up with the first bump in the road; It is invisible wings, that make us fly very high.

The courageous is not afraid of the new, neither to change the script venture, nor to meet any challenges that will provide them with inner and external reform, necessary to eliminate the old way of thinking, acting and reacting towards all that has kept his growth stationary. He fights; he runs after and does not accept ' No ' for an answer, because he goes through difficulties in life without losing focus.

The courageous doesn’t know what discouragement, fear or the word 'maybe' means? He doesn’t get intimidated by failures, because he lives and breathes courage, get feed by what is discredit by others and so feels and knows that he was already born as a winner.

The courageous person does not withdraw themselves from the pessimistic; he just does not see them. He doesn’t have any affinity with such energy that can poison and dazzle his vision of the target.  He is an optimistic by nature and sees negative people as a poor deluded that is sick with low self-esteem.

Those who are courageous renew and reinvent themselves constantly and are capable to change our history. Those who has courage breaks paradigms, conquers himself, announces the new, brings light to the soul and are the living representative of the word '' Faith ''.

by Jacky Sewell