Thursday, February 13, 2014


I see lost faces and a change in vibration,
all of them following a script, 
and waiting for a solution...

Some armed soldiers,
are claiming innocent lives,
whilst the real bandits,
are living outside…

They walk briskly,
looking for direction,
filling a life of boredom,
without much interaction...

For they seek shelter,
in the words of religion,
but engage in wars,
and struggle with their actions…

They fill their lives with material needs,
sharing it with their pets,
so they can feel complete...

They pursue careers,
bringing comfort and money,
but feel empty inside,
living in dead luxury…not funny...

At life's end,
they are wishing for love,
baring solitude as company,
searching for the value they’ve lost...

The eternal quest of the human being to its divine self, in a world of inverse values.
by Jacky Sewell