Thursday, February 13, 2014

#Move #Forward

To proceed with the desired plans,
we need to take the necessary steps,
to fix the remaining issues ,
or we may get stuck on them ...

Breaking cycles, trying something new,
or doing the old in a different way,
re-energizes our forces,
making us see the world with new colours ...

The feelings of despair, comes from a loss of reason to live,
but if we allow ourselves to get out of our shells,
and get  in connection with the child within,
we will feel  the joy of living once again...

We must seek inner peace within,
and a moment of silence brings valuable renewal,
teaching us to recognize the divinity that we are,
and the importance that we have ....

For this to occur, we must refrain from negativity,
sacrificing the need to hold onto the old ways of thinking ,
and stopping  monotony and conveniences ...

Let no fear hinder yours steps,
‘cause all you have ahead are opportunities,
and changes always work in our favour...

Remaining inert, will be the same as saying to yourself and the universe,
that everything shall remain the same ...
But remember:  the people around you,
will only be happy, if you are happy... your own way...

Move forward, because the worst thing in life,
is looking back and regret what you haven’t  tried ...

by Jacky Sewell