Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#Forgive Yourself !

How can we doubt ourselves, after all the problems and difficulties we have already overcome in life?

Any slip-ups today are remnants of energy that need to be released, and cut off from the soul by experimentation. These disguised and suppressed energies, brings an automated feeling that drives movements that are still led by the instincts. If they are not released, they become behavioral deviations.

So do not blame yourself, or talk down nor mistreat your soul, because all that has been learned, was also absorbed and will not lose its value in face of new errors. The new errors confirms and completes the biggest lesson there is, which is the certainty that life is in fact made up of choices. And however insignificant it may seem, they bear within themselves the power of transformation through its effects. Thus, opening doors to events that may not be in accordance to our real desires.

Our choices affect everything around us by the simple fact that, they will modify the way we see ourselves, and consequently how we position ourselves towards life. Having the power of choice dismisses us of victimisation, but does not require self-flagella or self-punishment.

If we fail ?? no matter ... because in life there will be no mistakes without learning, without consequences. Certainly, we should not persist in them, however, the biggest mistake, is to stop believing in ourselves because of them. So do not be so hard on yourself, do not forget that you are in the flesh, and will still suffer the influences of it. Being in control is mastery to develop.

What once was, now is gone, leaving its reminiscences... and it is fair. But as soon as possible, after the reflections of your deeds, lift yourself up and cut the silver cord with these guilty thoughts, so they do not arrest you into the past, so that they do not lock up your steps, so that they do not become mental and moral toxins.

Forgive yourself and move on, and continue where you left off. Work on self-knowledge, self-development, valuing the steps already given and do not whine about the stumbling blocks along the way. Certainly you would say that, today your choices would be different but today your spirit has better resources and it is more evolved than the one who made choices yesterday.

We can not stop on the margins of progress, crying over spilled milk. Life is pulsating and beats at your window every morning, through the sunlight that comes announcing a new start. You will not find perfection in the middle of the journey. Thus, there is no reason to let the blame, be it of what it may, pollute your mind with false truths and punishments, robbing of you the new opportunities.

If you observe, you will realise how much you have already positively influenced many around you. So look back only to evaluate how much you have grown, and that despite all odds, living life your way has been worth it.

This is your story, make it a beautiful book of inspiration!

By Jacky Sewell