Tuesday, August 02, 2016

#Social #Networks ! ( #Behaviours)

A call for elegance, courtesy, respect and good manners in social networks. For a social media without: innuendo, indirect messages, vulgar words, aggressions, less "is a tip" or something like that ...

We have seen many stupid messages and even very frightening, that only serve to show the dark side of people of small minds. It's easy to read the kind of thinking of someone, by watching how they behave in the false safety of these networks wall.

Social media can be a double-edged sword, a powerful weapon that actually should be used only for good, but unfortunately there are so many people who uses in pernicious way. They spew their poisons in cowardly ways, hidden behind a computer or cell phone screens, to try to reach their targets.

They should not ignore that, they are being observed in their public exhibitions, revealing a pathological picture and the worst side of themselves. Consequently, unmasking and destroying their own self-image.

Let's moderate our behaviours in social networks, by demonstrating more security, more authenticity, kindness, more integrity in our personality, much more posture and balance. A behaviour that sublimely affirm our psychological maturity and superior character.

by Jacky Sewell