Sunday, July 24, 2016

#Law of #Cause & #Effect

Some will call Karma or action and reaction, but the best description is, in fact, 'The Law of Cause and Effect'...
If you disturb the harmony of the 'Law of Love', the one that governs the entire universe, hence the "Law of Cause and effect" will act with precision, within fair proportions, to bring back the balance and harmony of the 'Universal Love', which is the main factor to keep all intertwined and united.

No one is therefore a victim, every single thing is a consequence of our individual or collective choices of words, actions and thoughts and of what we attract through our beliefs. Doubts and confusion about these laws is understandable, especially if you only get to see the facts on the basis of this lifetime, because it will seem unfair.

Some Karmic events tends to expose the wrong doings of those who caused them, bringing some justice forward, and also it makes people reflect on their lives and become compassionate towards others' sufferings. 

But if we believe that:
1. everything has a higher and unknown reason to be
2. the entire universe is under a fair providence, of a just and wise Creator who always will make something good out of what we call "bad"
3. we will always learn valuable lessons and acquire growth of painful situations, which sometimes are essential to remove past burden of our Spirit, in order to climb higher levels of ascension
4. everything happens in the right place, at the right time and for the right person

If we look from these four points of view with an open mind, all events, yet sad at times, appear to be working within a higher order. Thus, there is no such thing as coincidence, fate or punishment. We will attract exactly that which is in accordance with our works. Everything that happens in life is indeed within these universal Laws, and when we obstruct them, there will always be a consequence. 

This profound and wise philosophy makes us think logically and within reason about the events of our lives, and with more responsibility about our actions. Thus aiding in the expansion of our consciousness. Therefore, be more vigilant with your current intentions, and choose wisely so not to attract future effects of your bad choices!

by @JackySewell