Sunday, July 17, 2016

#Collective #Tragedies (A #Wakeup #Call)

The world is not ending; what is happening is simply a cleanup, where the veil of corruption, the veil of evil in general, is being lifted and exposed, so there is a transformation. They act in desperation, because they sense that their days are numbered.

When people begin to awaken from the ego and materialism sleep, and start to see what no longer can be accepted in society, this is a great indication that a change in global consciousness is occurring with a domino effect, announcing the beginning of the end of an era.

We are all inter-connected and what happens in one part of the planet affects all the rest. Our past actions and thoughts contributed to the creation of our current reality. Now, it is up to us to get together and change it. We are the great responsible co-creators of a future better world.

What we have professed over time is being put to the test. We are now called to re-evaluate our concepts of what is 'right or wrong', our concepts of humanity. 

It is time for the 'Good' to be the majority. So let's roll up our sleeves and get out of our comfort zone, because so there is a great change in the world, it must start within each individual mental house, through small actions on their day-to-day situations and our awareness of the role that we represent within the whole.

Anyone who wish for a more humane world, are potential workers of light, and holds the responsibility to educate and eliminate once and for all the darkness, the darkness that made housing for so long in our bigger home...Planet Earth.

The collective tragedies that are occurring in the world, however sad and disturbing as they are, it awaken in the collective subconscious, the need for this great and expected change. We must understand that evil only have spread and engulfed the world, because of an illusionary separatism, and with that we have nourished it through our individual ignorance. 

Let's unite and stop feeding evil, by seeing the other as an extension of ourselves. Love heals everything!

by @JackySewell