Monday, October 19, 2015

#Synchronicity 11:11

In all events of our lives, there is always a conscious or unconscious choice. In fact, the event itself is the result of beliefs, fears, positive or negative thoughts, previous actions, desires, impressions and creations of the mind.

Which attract exactly what we are in tune, or what we need to experience. The flow of these energies influence, drive and connects with each other, acting and reacting in accordance to how they are externalised. 

Thus, bringing meaningful waves of synchronicities to life, which were unconsciously created. It is therefore, necessary to observe what kind of vibrations we emanate, in order to filter out the signals' qualities that are sent to the universe, and consequently the kind of response we will receive.

If you have being feeling an intimate restlessness or dissatisfaction, that is apparently unfounded, with a strange intuition that something is about to happen, it is your sensitivity picking up on an exchange of energy in the vibratory pattern of the planet. 

Thus, your soul is awakening to the need of a profound change. Note that those decisions that have been for a long time procrastinated, is now arising from your subconscious as a subtle call, urging you to be open and see the favourable circumstances which will arise along the way. 

Circumstances that will be more compatible with your true purpose of life. Stay tuned for synchronicity, notice the "coincidences ", repetitive messages, such as looking at the clock or anywhere else and always see the numbers 11:11. The language of the universe is numeric and 11:11 is your personal call to awaken to a new reality.

Learn to read the Universal signs calling you to the awakening of the collective consciousness, to the real meaning of life, and the meaningful role you must play within the whole.

by Jacky Sewell