Sunday, October 04, 2015

#Blessings in #Disguise !!!

Someone asked me: 
If God exists, why it allows the Tsunamis, that killed so many lives?

I answered:
Well, I'll start answering you, with some questions that I heard a doctor make to someone who asked him the same thing. 
"There are two types of atmospheres, the physical and the spiritual, which one cross-link, inter-penetrate the other, acting upon one another endlessly." So let us reason:

"What will be the spiritual atmosphere of a planet where there are over one hundred million abortions, committed each year?

What should be the spiritual atmosphere of a planet where the two major trades are the commerce of weapons and drugs?

What should be the spiritual  atmosphere of a planet that only in the last great war claimed 60 million lives, not to mention the mutilated, the widows and orphans as a result of it?

What is the atmosphere of a planet, where there is not a day in which, the informative media doesn’t feed us with news of wars, murders and incredible and unimaginable atrocities?

What is the spiritual atmosphere of a planet where there is an organization like the UN, which has its Security & Peace council made by the United States, France, Britain, Russia and China, the five largest arms producers of  the world? "

Now I conclude: If Earth is a living organism, and each country plays a role within its body, we can understand that our planet is extremely physical and mentally ill.

Those large natural disasters, or collective Karma as you may like, are nothing more than the law of 'Cause and Effect', 'Action and Reaction', in its full force. The planet has to purge its cancer cells, through these movements of cleansing and transformation. If not, we will be walking to its total death.

Therefore, responding to your initial question. God is certainly not the creator of mass destructions. God is the creator of life, of beauty and the harmonic perfection of nature. Man was made with free will, but their choices will always have a consequence. It's not a matter of punishment, but rather the fulfillment of a universal law.

Thus, there is some “bad” that come for a greater good, as per the popular saying. For what we call disasters, based on the reality we live in, it is in fact a blessing in disguise. The old man dies, to rises up the new one. Everything is always in a process of renewal. 

That is when God takes place, in blessings of Light, by putting the chaos caused by man into balance with the whole. After all, there is no death ... in life everything transforms …

Jacky Sewell