Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#Immeasurable #Encounter

To talk about love is like talking about freedom; It brings to our soul a longing for someone who we haven't met yet, or for that one who was one day, the object of our attention. It is hard to recall without hurting, as it is hard to hurt without feeling our own pain. Worse still is to liberate it, without ever having been attached to it .

The heart holds on its mind and soul an incognito memory, coming from a subconscious desire to love and be loved. The feeling of affection from an intimate wish to look into someone else eyes, with a pure smile of who sees himself in it, entirely:
- That one who knows and says it all, without saying a word; 
- The one who passes feelings of well-being, by only being present;
- That one who fills our being by the energy of exchange, without even realizing that this is happening in their most casual touch;

Energies that only are experienced by those passionate lovers of eternal complicity. The complicity that we find in a simple gaze of who sees us as we are, and desire us without any demands of who we can become.
A love that is quiet but alive, deep but loose, sweet but fiery; all things that only a true love can match and provide...

Life is like this, we seek in others the longings of our soul. Sometimes we find the basic proportions in someone, but when we encounter the strong energy alliance and the chemistry in the presence of our other half, a new  world opens up full of possibilities. And everything that was empty, lonely and cold, becomes simply perfection, pure transformation, immense realization, and an 'immeasurable encounter' of the I on the other…Love with no explanation...

By Jacky Sewell