Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#Law of #Attraction

The ‘Law of Attraction’ will never miss its target,
or deliver to the wrong address...
Everything is in balance, and works in resonance
with the law of ‘Cause and Effect’. ..

No one is a victim of circumstances,
For we, are the one to create our own reality...
If our actions are good,
they must be in balance,
with our thoughts and words ...

If you believe you are doing well,
and yet are getting unfair debits from the universe,
think again, and try to understand,
what is the situation trying to tell you,
and what are the lessons yet to be learnt....

Our acts can mislead the viewers,
but they cannot fool our own conscience,
nor the Universal Divine Consciousness ....

We definitely will attract what we vibrate and believe,
in the right and fair proportion…
By Jacky Sewell