Wednesday, April 09, 2014

#Creating #Realities

The people we choose to be by our side, play a great role in the success or failure in our lives ... Among them we find the ones who raise us, while others, even if unconsciously, will influence us with their fears, negativity, selfishness, insecurities, lack of faith and courage; And they may well be within our family…

We must be attentive, so not to be negatively influenced by others truths and by everything that surrounds us. Observe in your actions the atavistic behaviours derived from self-limiting and destructive beliefs that have been embedded through out time, by all that has been said and heard in your childhood. Consequently crystallizing all the emotions related to those moments and impressing the subconscious with a false perception of reality, hindering your full potential.

Question and analyse, all past situations that may be currently inhibiting the possibilities to have, create and attract new opportunities into your life...Remember, our perceptions always become our reality as our thoughts has power and can unconsciously attracts what we believe.

Self-knowledge and self-control are paramount. It is necessary to look inward in search of our true-selves. Challenging the pitfalls and identifying beliefs that are responsible for the creations of an illusory reality in our subconscious; There is an urgency and need of a mental-toxins clean-up, which was crystallised by what our conscience registered as ‘right or wrong’. Thus, freeing us from the limits that have been imposed.

Life is full in abundance and possibilities, waiting for those who act without fear of failure or of rejection. The impossible only exists for those who believe in it. The mind exerts great power materialising the reality that we create in the world we can see, thus commanding all of our actions and decisions. Re-program your thoughts, to attract success in all areas of your life as success is in the reach of all that go beyond their own limits ....

Do not let others’ opinions or even the misunderstood child within, to sabotage your ideals, with the false pretence of protecting itself from an alleged pain. This process of sabotage was also falsely created by unresolved emotions from past events, lacking full knowledge and understanding of the truth.

Be in the command of the events of your life, focusing and affirming on what is positive. You are a very important and integral part of this cosmic engineering, which acts precisely, so that nature leads us to the fulfilling of our ideals for a larger plan. The days of life passes by on a trip with no return. So do not waste your time whining thus becoming a victim of circumstances.

The only approval we need, in order to follow our own aspirations, is from our own conscience. Align your thoughts with beauty, goodness, with what brings inner happiness and of what encourages you to go beyond the barriers that you have created. The truth of your life is within yourself, don't search it elsewhere, because you will not find. You are exactly at the point and place where your choices or lack of courage to make them has put you.

"You deserve to achieve what you wish, without fear, without guilt or feelings of inferiority; because the sky is not the limit for a humanity that was created by an unlimited creator! Our mind has the power to create our reality."

The purpose of life is to allow our divine essence to express itself and evolve through its experiences. Your outer world will inevitably always be the reflection of what is in your mind. So project it out that of what it is the best and eliminate the mental toxins that are programmed to stagnate your footsteps.

Believe Me ...You can and should be happy!!!!

by Jacky Sewell