Sunday, August 06, 2017

Emotional Immature !

While emotionally immature, the human being dreams awake, careless of the importance of his actions. He expect the universe to bring the desired, without any effort on his part. Directing life at random, with no goals, he gradually becomes bitter and hopeless, especially when the events and circumstances have not succumbed to his most intimate yearnings.

He loses opportunities amidst daydreams, which never materialize, thus closing himself to life, gradually nourishing a certain melancholy, anguish, an emptiness, a lack of self-love and of direction.

Fragile as rose petals, unaware of the reason for his thorns, he cuts his stems from the world and live in a solitary vase, where water will one day evaporate. Summing up his existence in the hands of a sensitive soul, who may come to save him from himself. This is the sad portrait and awakening of those who wait without creating anything. 

Their beauty becomes ephemeral, and their passions fleeting before the beauty of those who work in fraternity, of those who toil without complaining, of those who suffer without being victimized, of those who believe without doubting, those who sway without falling, of those who lose without fading, and of those who love without safeguarding!

By J. Sewell