Saturday, May 13, 2017

" #DETACHMENTS _ If it is not by Loving It will be by Hurting "

Hello all the lovely people who honours my blog with their presence. I am so happy to announce that my book "DETACHMENTS-If it is not by Loving,It will be by Hurting" has been published by Balboa Press

Book Synopsis:
"Detachments" is an autobiography, where the author shares important and impactful stories of her life, where she learned the lessons of Detachment - a search for self. Originally written as a form of self-therapy, due to a phase of depression. However, according to the unfolding of the stories, the author realised that by reliving her deeper wounds, (such as a very traumatic event she witnessed in her early childhood), each wound was being healed one by one. This has helped drain the negative energies of the emotions that were attached to these events. In each chapter, the author understood that, from an early age, life had made her go through so many terrible but important events to teach the difficult task of letting go. Her faith also gave strength to overcome all this, and to become a much stronger and wiser person, and with a sense of duty to humanity. That's when the idea of ​​creating her blog came to life. The message that is clear in the book is that life sometimes tends to send storms in order to clear the pollution caused by our unhealed emotions. Thus, the trials of life are indeed, disguised blessings, that will shape our soul to a far better version of ourselves. The book is, in fact, a journey of self-knowledge where the lesson of detachment is evident, but above all, to cross the difficulties of life with courage and resignation, always taking the positive side of a negative situation. As the subtitle suggests, if we do not learn from love, life will teach us in harsh and repetitive ways until we learn.

“When facing some kind of suffering...the tumult of changes come to restructure our most intimate creations, forcing us to move into a new direction that will show the path of self-awakening.” 
Jacqueline Sewell

Click on the link below to get "Detachments" in hardcopy or eBook:

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Note: The book was published in English, and is currently in the process of been translated to the author's mother tongue (Brazilian Portuguese), and it should be released prior to end of the year.