Saturday, March 25, 2017

How you's how will be !!!

An individual's difficulty in perceiving the patterns of negativity in their way of thinking, obscures their view that they are in fact, responsible for attracting the wrong people and unfavourable situations to their life.

This individual tends to see himself as the victim of circumstances, because of his unresolved feelings and limited view of life. Impulsively, he will discredit the positive changes, and thus fuel the belief that his suffering is his fate, his bad luck, an injustice, a punishment, or his karma.

As a consequence, unwanted situations will be constantly repeating themselves and gradually taking away the shine and pleasure of life; Thus, perpetuating his unhappiness.

If they stop to observe the patterns of their own thoughts, they will realize that they are deeply rooted in their being, and that they have displayed their vestiges through their life history. These thought patterns were the co-creators of their miseries.

If those people are open to self-analysis, self-reform, and begin a quest to acquire the answers to the unfortunate events of their life, they will also begin to see themselves as the great creator of their present reality.

Moreover, if he also begins to raise his thoughts and sublimate his feelings, he will be reprogramming his mind to a wider way of seeing things. Eventually, his new emotional maturity will become a natural habit, which will then be reflected in his daily actions.

Now, knowing how to position itself with more control in the face of challenging events, this renewed being will be able to attract abundance of goodness, positivity and prosperity in all areas of his life.

by Jacky Sewell