Sunday, February 05, 2017

The Pains of Life

All pain is the bitter remedy to heal the evils of the soul. 

Even though for some, apparently the lesson was not absorbed, somehow the soul has been imprinted with the learning. And the seeds will one day bloom in flowers. 

All suffering brings spiritual maturity, even if it is rudimentary. However, the learning will be solidified once the lessons take its first steps in renewed actions. 

Some lament the heavy burdens that life brings and even envy the apparent happiness of others. Little do they know that the pain that the soul endure is the driving force behind its evolution. 

It is, therefore, the painful call that life allows, in order to achieve a higher goal that is much more comprehensive than the present moment. 

Happy is the one who learned to be reborn from the ashes!

by @JackySewell