Saturday, February 11, 2017

#Earth #Purification #Process (A message from above)

The world is going through a process of purification, where we are being called to review our ethical-moral values. 2017 is a year of new initiations and we will feel expressively that the old way of thinking, acting and reacting to the events of life, no longer fits into the new vibratory pattern of the planet.

Everyone will feel an intimate charge, especially those who are aware of their misconduct and still remain in error. For the law of cause and effect will play its part with full force and in all spheres of life on the planet; In order to neutralize the evil that affects humanity.

We come to the times when what is hidden or masked will come to the light of day, revealing its true face and surprising even those who are most awake. But the feeling of brotherhood and oneness, which has been a silent calling up to this point, will shout out loud to the collective consciousness to hear. And then, our knowledge, our beliefs will be put to the test before the sufferings of others and of revealing events.

Those who are emotionally and spiritually unprepared will react negatively, in despair and causing tumult over what appears to be, in their eyes, a calamity. But those who can see blessings in adversity will serve as an example of faith and courage. For they know that everything is within divine control, and that after every storm the sun will reign triumphant.

Let us be aware of our role, so that we do not waste time in superfluity, but that we are always ready to do our part. It is necessary for false structures to fall, even if it raises its dirty and suffocating dust, to give way to a new era of renewed actions, more in tune with the law of love!

Via @JackySewell