Saturday, October 08, 2016

#Shine Your #Light !

When we are shining in life, we will obfuscate who is in darkness. But what we will attract from this point on, depends on how we behave with such brilliance. It will depend if we are being worthy of it.

Sometimes, with our thoughtless attitudes and words, we will be magnets of undesirable people or unpleasant situations. We may be doing so by intimidating them with our competitive aspect, or own personalism. We should not fail to self observe and reflect: 'Am I contributing to this?'

Note that certain people, at any given moment of our existence, are the key conductors of our self-analysis, our executioners from the past, returning to hone our soul through the challenges they impose on us...If they find us misaligned with the divine light (I do not speak here religiously, but in our actions, words and thoughts), inevitably we will be an easy prey to their manipulations.

On matter of relationships...they were never meant to be easy, as we are like two different universes, trying to orbit within the same galaxy. It seems to be a mission impossible, especially if there is a lack of affinity and trust. But people can change if they so want. Most of the time they tend not to, most often for pride and psychological immaturity. 

Those are the ones who suffers more and causes suffering. A lot of them of are full of emotional baggage, carrying them from one relationship to another. They do not heal their unresolved emotions, and are re-living their own transferences. Always on the search for the next victim, to be the executioners of their own follies.

On matters of matter the professional or economic status in which we are, we should never lose ourselves in the webs of materialism, so not to compromise our divine essence. On your way to the top, you may acquire many resources, but they are to be used only as exchanges of energy. The necessaries means for your survival and comfort. 

Above all, Love must be our eternal helm, for this is our true nature. So, do not overdo consuming yourself in the material world, because it will not fill your existential void. We are just mere passengers in this adventure we call life. 

In the midst of these reflections, it is important to recognise that, the mishaps of life made us better people. It was the necessary bitter medicine, accelerators of our moral ascension. Life always is in charge to correct what is out of place when we do not take initiatives, or when we do them incorrectly.

Thus, 'Shine your Light' wherever you may be, remember, it is essential that you make the world shining with your presence !

by JackySewell