Tuesday, December 08, 2015

A #Message from a #Spiritual #Friend !!!

In proportion to the extent of its consciousness, the human being will expand its perception of what they are, where they came from and what is their purpose. Thus, fulfilling its integral role in the creation of the world, as co-creators.

While stuck in materiality of all aspects, they will have difficulty lifting the veil of darkness, which blinds them to the path they should take towards the light, lying cloudy, in front of their sleeping souls.

The setbacks they face are creations of the mind. The mind expels them as reflections of itself, for matter of regaining balance and 
reenergizing the scattered forces which was used in the opposite directions to their redemption path, of the purification of the soul, of salvation, of evolution, or return to Source ... call it as you may.

All are being called. Many feel an intimate dissatisfaction, but certainly not all of them are listening. Some confuse the message for allegories, others are taking every single word by the books. It is necessary to expand the vision, be open to the new, to what their limited mind sees as impossible and unacceptable; Only then, they will take a quantum leap in evolution and in understanding of their own origin and role within the whole.

The student should not give up the lesson by finding it very difficult to understand. It is these very information, integrated with the "Universal Love” that comes from the Source, that will pave the way to self-enlightenment, as told by master Buddha. Raise the flag of "Love thy neighbour”, as also taught by the Prince of Peace, Jesus; and see the other as part of God's oneness, as beings in their ascension path toward the great intelligence that governs everything.

For humanity, within its present level of vibration, the spirituality in general seems to be all very subtle, but its in fact by becoming subtle that they will clearly realize its real essence.

Believe…just by your awakened presence in the planet at this moment, all of you are like open paths, for those that are thirsty for knowledge, and for those who desire to change the not so picturesque frame, which is made before their earthly eyes. However, whilst they may only perceive sorrow and pain, for us everything is running as planned.

The light is present and strong in every being in the care of our observant eyes. We are sheltering and embracing the awakened one, those who are in their self-searching process, so they can fulfill their mission in favor of the others, the sleeping souls of this beautiful blue planet.

Strength, Perseverance, Joy, Courage and Faith... Now and Forever

A Friend!