Saturday, September 19, 2015

#RIP my #Loving #Brother!!!

Have you ever known, a tree so robust, green, beautiful and leafy, full of branches of all sizes and thicknesses? This is the tree called "Family Silva". 

Today, exactly one month ago, one of its most beautiful branches has been cut, transforming it in an incomplete tree. This cut, deeply stirred its soul with its hidden roots that were connected to each other in several ways. 

They, the branches, will never be the same again. The life force that ran back and forth from that beautiful branch that has gone, has left the others with so much to reflect, so much to thank, a lot of story to tell, wonderful memories to remember and to smile. 

Although many leaves still will for a long time, fall into respect and sign of pain as tears of longing, there is always within each of them, an intuitive certainty and divine hope that one day, the same tree, with all its branches and leaves, will meet once again to grow together, to smile and with love embrace each other fraternally... 

But this time, without pain, no tears, no more departures ... only happiness. 

I miss you my brother Christian and I will love you for eternity! RIP

By Jacky Sewell