Saturday, August 15, 2015

The New #Generation ( #GenerationY)

Sublimate your animal impulses of yesterday, into soft expressions and salutary actions of today. The feeling of brotherhood should be the new order of our evolution, to support a regenerated planet in goodness.

The old line of thoughts is saturated, and the presence of the key element for a new era, the feminine energy, has been called to act as the basic leaven principle of transforming the world into a better place. 

The new generation is being called upon, to adopt a new elevated behaviour, with consciousness of their feelings and responsibilities of brotherhood and universal love. 

If the new generation feels that they do not fit into this world of dualities and full of obsolete paradigms, it is because they were born to make a difference in it.

The Generation Y, has the duty to speak in a elevated, constructive and positive manner, thus manifesting healing through their actions in the world. Bringing out their innate feminine energy, which contains the most powerful ingredient,
for positive changes in our planet ... The Unconditional Love !

by Jacky Sewell