Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Miracles are divine presents destined to souls in merits of receiving its providence, by removing them from the dark night to the light that brightens the painful paths.

Miracles are clear drops of hope as proof that the impossible does not exist and that the protection of 'Source' is constant. 

Miracles are the hands of the creator as a balm over his children who suffers the test of their faith, thus revealing the power of those who believe with confidence in its arrival.

Miracles are confirmations that life is not fatally subscribed and that everything can change. Miracles are tangible blessings for those who expect proofs of God's presence. 

Miracles are the waters that quenches the thirst of those who have dried up the source of their energy on the current of its redemptions.

Miracles begin within us. They are the happy and natural consequences for whom never given up, nor got tired of waiting. 

Life is the greatest tangible miracle there is, that faithfully reveals itself every morning.

by Jacky Sewell

This text was inspired and written in honor of Kayo, my God-son, who today received a divine miracle. Thank you Lord!!!