Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The #Creature to its #Creator

In this life's role which we all interpret, the journey of every soul will always be differentiated, so all information acquired during their many experiences, forms an extraordinaire whole of immeasurable greatness and infinite light, like its own Creator.

We may never know for sure, the specific definition of God, this infinite force that creates everything through its own will; But despite the different levels of understanding of it, in which we are, certainly we have many examples of its wisdom and greatness in nature, in the infinite worlds that shine like stars and, especially, within each soul that inhabits all levels of consciousness.

If we harmonize with the divine love that exists within all the knowledge offered in all different types of doctrines and extract what is positive and transcendental from each of them, we will expand our vision of the energy that governs everything. Thus, obtaining the revelation that we are a part of it, which lives in it, through it, and in fact we are one with it, without even being aware of it.

By loving everything and everyone, without the barriers of the present human conditions, we will be more and more members of a stream that grows ceaselessly and invisibly, and works in union for a greater good. A soul is in reality, an extension of the Creator.

To rise from the ashes, getting out of the dark night of the soul, is to purify the dense energies that was created by the illusions of the mind due to matter. Consequently, be reborn in light just like a phoenix, now much stronger and wiser but tenderly serene. Visibly at peace with itself, but essentially in harmony with the cosmic energy that controls all in splendid perfection, leading us to the fullness of the spirit, with the central aim of reuniting the ‘Creature to its Creator’...

By Jacky Sewell