Friday, November 28, 2014

#Thanksgiving #blessings

During our intimate conversations with the Creator, with this loving force that governs all, our greatest habit is to ask for help in some way, either to ourselves or for others, and giving thanks becomes only a few repeated phrases without any deep feelings.

The human being not yet understood the importance and the power of realization there is in to be grateful, even for the most trivial things in their life.

This healthy and powerful habit keeps the individual focused on the positive, and involved in an atmosphere of light and love that is in perfect communion with the divine forces, responsible for generating its blessings.

Gratitude as a habit, remove heavy loads created by the soul, by their own little faith. These energies hinder the realization of what is desired, diverting their life from a walk that could be more linear towards obtaining their needs.

The act of being in gratitude with life and everything there is, it is a natural attitude of those who are in harmony with their inner divinity.

Thanksgiving therefore, should not be felt as a mandatory duty during a designated moment, or time of the year, but as a continual feeling, a natural and pleasurable action that will become a driving spring moving the impossible to its manifestation.

In fact, the Creator already knows all our needs, but it is essential to recognize all the blessings, that it has already provided us.

Jacky Sewell