Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nothing is Lost

When tears fall into despair,
You don’t see that joy is near ….on its way…
When your eyes are closed in solicitations,
You forgot that help is already by your side…

When everything feels like the end,
Remember, that's only the beginning of a new direction…
When the material world, makes you lost in solid illusion,
Regain your inner strength, that once has ruled you in difficult times;

If you cry today, tomorrow you’ll smile,
If you ask today, tomorrow you’ll be thankful,
If you’re despondent today, tomorrow will bring you hope,
If you are lost today, tomorrow you will find the exit...

In your walking steps, you will stand up stronger,
And you will see that from all, you’ve inherited only learnings...
Keep the smile on your face, and your head up high,
Recognize the lessons of self-knowledge,
That opens doors for new opportunities...

In the labour of new ideas that arises,
There is the invitation to believe that all isn’t lost,
As you possess the plenitude of life,
The sunny warms days, the love of those around,
And the divine protection that looms up before your inner light...

Your good conduct and conscience of done duty,
Your joy of living and humility will be your shield ... your prayers in action...
Thus, move forward with nothing to fear, stand tall and don’t forget:
"For those of faith, 'nothing is lost' and victory is their fate"

By Jacky Sewell