Tuesday, September 02, 2014

#Elementary #Life

The circle of life is registered in the evolution of the species and we are all connected by the same molecular chain. We will find the answers of this evolution within our consciousness and if we are open to seeing it in all there is; we will then join the pieces of the evolutionary and particular puzzle of all things.

The Universe is embedded within every being and in everything, for all are vibrational and divine creation and the consequence thereof.  If we open our minds to see what is in a single atom, we will understand the complexity in their evolutionary proportions.

" Everything is a set of the same elements, and all are harmonized within their differences, because what sustains the whole is the individuality of each."

In all colours of the rainbow are the answers of the enlightened being; each colour expresses vibrations of the universal code. So everything is in tune with what you call the "Source" (Origin, Fountain... God).  The individualization of each colour is the vibrational definition of a divine desire; so it is in nature, and also in humans. The Universe is a creation of immeasurable beauty...

Water is one of the agents that bring in it, and also in crystals, the same divinity and beauty. They are extremely important resources and liberators of vibrations that are not in harmony with the cosmos; they are powerful catalysts and balancing potential that lies in Earth and Human Being.

Most human beings still cannot understand what they have in common with a single drop of water. There is latent life in it and water brings life to everything; It is the most simple and profound expression of the Greater being that keeps all in cosmic cadences and in sync with itself.

You all will understand the wealth there are in nature. She is the bearer of all good things that Earth produces ... In nature there is the cure for all diseases, because the diseases are mutations of the same molecules and elements and with that, what is pure and divine can disintegrate any impure molecules.

You all will work one day, with the magic of life that there is in plants.... There is life in every leaf and the water purifies and brings power to those lives.

Preserve the plants and animals; they are part of a chain that balances itself simultaneously, without the need of anything else. Man will figure this out later ... perhaps too late.

The Elemental Beings are working to preserve it and everyone must help. We ask for protection for the animals, plants, water and for Mother Earth…