Tuesday, August 12, 2014

#Believing is the #Key to #See

In order to securely use your intuition, you must believe in what you see with no expectations… just trust that is what it is…and it will be…

‘Believe to manifest’, this is the key; Just like everything in the universe, which is formed by the thoughts of the 'Creator', taking shapes and life through its intent.

This isn’t illusory but a real form of creation… That is how the metaphysical world works; that’s how the sixth sense works: “Instead of ‘Seeing to Believe’, in fact 'Believing is the key to See' “...

Visions of unpleasant nature, are simply creations of your own Fears; they are consequences of the negative energetic constructions of the mind, brought to consciousness via your own limited beliefs of the unknown.

Accordingly, ‘Fear’ has been also created by your own thoughts, and can be dispelled by your own will. Most of the time, what we fear will be manifested so you can face it, and beat it. This is the process to eliminate our crystallized mind’s projections.

You are therefore, the projector in the world you have created; Hence, you must hold the control of your emotions, fears and filter your unfounded beliefs, in order to manipulate the end results of your actions. Consequently, within this simple process of manifestation, you are also able to create endless positive possibilities for your life.

To believe or have faith is the key to all manifestations, (positive and negative), which works in perfect harmony with the law of attraction, where:
'You will attract what you believe’...
By Jacky Sewell