Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The #Mind

It is necessary to feed the mind of noble knowledge so that inspiration, intuition and new ideas emerge from the essence of the being. If your mind is empty of new learning, it does not modify what is already somatised and absorbed by the soul, but remains motionless reliving the past, trapped by the old lines of thought.

Recycle your convictions, break paradigms, question pre-established rules and ideas, embrace a new world that can leverage major advances in your spiritual evolution, leading you to create a more conscious and happy life.

The mind only expands with new information, and will process it according to its intellectual-moral abilities. An empty mind is a world without life, a mind full of superficialities is a world of primitive lives incapable of sublime realisations. Only an awakened mind, sharpens and naturally absorbs the new truths that drive the expansion of its consciousness.

So deepen your studies, engage in healthy and intriguing readings on a broader range of thoughts. Be open to surpassing the limits of the world that your physical eyes can register, as well as the world that only the sensors of the most sensitive human beings can capture. This is a silent call for those who wish to evolve.

Be more selective and aware of what you are mentally feeding yourself every day, consequently what is being stimulated. Invest in this clever neurotransmitter channel of all your actions.

An intellect-emotionally balanced life, opens doors to opportunities and significant changes ... 

Your mind is your guide !!!

By Jacky Sewell