Friday, May 20, 2016

#Simple #Happiness

We spent a lot of time of our lives worrying about acquisitions of perishable things. Once achieved, we also find that they did not cover the void in the soul, a void that we don't know the real meaning of it.

So something as simple or tragic happens, leaving us in a state of total happiness and fulfillment, or utter bewilderment. Allowing us to see the beauty in things that were already within our reach, that were part of our lives, but we could not see. Such as:

* The good feeling of being useful to someone in need
* Our meeting with our inner God and the higher one
* The discovery process of our life purpose
* The presence of simplicity and humility in our attitudes
* Being able to see and accept people for who they are
* Giving value to those that are most important & who values us
* Recognize the love received, from those who we had a blind eye to them
* Use our free time to visit a lonely elderly in a nursing home
* Walking barefoot on the grass
* Valuing the blessings of nature and the loyalty of animals
* Being able to laugh and smile freely of silly things
* Getting rid of guilt, by understanding that you can only do the best, with the best you know
* Taking the masks we use to be accepted, and accept ourselves the way we are
* Put pride aside and forgive the shortcomings of others
* Lighten up with a sincere smile of a child, and the passionate look of those who love us

Life is short, but it is also long enough so that we can make a difference, to learn a lesson, to choose the right path towards the so desired happiness. 

For happiness is in fact a contentment with who we are, and what we have, and it is in the simple things of life. But also, is having a clear conscience to have played our role in this world, and fulfilled our duties as citizens of the universe.

Do not waste time looking out there, for what resides within ... you only have the now!

by @JackySewell