Sunday, June 14, 2015

#Fear is a #mind #trap

Human beings tend to project onto others, their own fears of loss, their lack of faith and discernment. 

All fears are just mental creations of the perceptions acquired from our past experiences and how we think that things may become in the future. In the majority of the time, they have nothing to do with the reality of others or of your present time.

The way we see and react to the world and the situations of our lives, are reflections of our mental capacity to focus on the blessings that life's setbacks can bring.

Be grateful for all the opportunities for self-growth that the difficulties on your way can present. They will always be our most unappreciated great masters, the main contributors to the strengthening of our soul.

However, be aware of your misunderstood inner child, because it may be sabotaging your ideals with self-pity and under the false pretext of protecting itself from an alleged past pain. 

Consequently, attracting and influencing the unfortunate events of your life, even the actions and reactions of those around you. Thus, blinding you to be able to see under a more positive point of view.

God, the Universe, the Source are energies of abundance in every way, but scarcity of any kind, are man's mind creations. Challenge therefore, the traps of your mind and identify the beliefs responsible for creating a subconscious illusory reality.

Fear is the mother of all sufferings, misinterpretations and misbehaviors, and only self-knowledge united to self-love are the most effective medicines to cure any kind of illusory fears.

By Jacky Sewell