Monday, April 13, 2015

#Intimate #Path of Self-Polishing

Do not create expectations about anyone or anything in life, accept people and things as they are.

Reflect on the current limitations of human beings and try to see through them. We are all souls in a divine journey of self-discovery and development and there is no need to put pressure on achieving success in everything always ... a seed does not become a tree overnight.

The consequences of such self-imposed pressures, can be harmful to the body, mind and soul, when projected as an insecure reality. Remember, it is natural to make mistakes, fail and start over again. This is just another learning path.

Be careful with what you are creating, often false perceptions become bitter realities and people only will see, exactly what you want them to see.

In the end, the truth is always the best option because the lie tends to be interwoven with the rich opportunities of life, preventing your most significant steps and frustrating the scope of your ideals on the most inopportune times.

There is nothing to be dissatisfied about who you truely are, neither be in a hurry to reach perfection, on the contrary, rejoice in the beauty and uniqueness of simply being you, a singular being, brute but precious stone, step by step following its intimate path of self-polishing.

By Jacky Sewell