Friday, June 06, 2014

What is #Life?

The Universe is a school, 
Planet Earth is a classroom,
The physical body is a school uniform, 
Our life is the school year...

So, pay attention to the lessons presented in this classroom. Study them, meditate on what you have 
learned and put them into practice, by helping those 
who are behind on their homework...

Do not disturb others' learning path,
Invest in your daily self-improvement and
Don't give up when facing the most difficult lessons...

Take good care of your uniform,
Do not disperse your attention on unproductive things,
Harmonize yourself with the other students,
As the year goes by too fast...

And thank the many teachers,
Who crossed your path, 
Assisting you in your divine ascension!

Life: "A spark of Light experiencing matter"...

by Jacky Sewell