Monday, June 30, 2014

#Waiting for #You

And there is that moment in life when the soul seeks for a warm touch, for a caring and gentle vibration, which makes the heart beat wildly. The one that give us butterfly in the stomach, and in his presence the mind seeks intimate aspirations.

The one who creates a blurred vision with his smile and sensual kiss. While our body asks for tremors and delusions of desires. This loving feeling when the soul seeks elevation, but in reality, the heart cries quietly in a tight chest, hungry for love.

Life runs rampant in hope for a miraculous discovery. Nonetheless, we believe that there is in the world, a certain someone looking for us, as well. However, we do not want just for one night, we want for a lifetime. We want to be cared for with love and passion, to let go the moments of loneliness and disappointments.

It can start as a friend who makes us smile. The one that his touch is a warning of a fantasy world, where together we will endeavor to find out!

By Jacky Sewell