Sunday, May 04, 2014


The world is that what we make of, and it could be better if we would be more conscious of the consequences of our own actions.

We are so technologically advanced, but morally still behind. We are in the era of nanotechnology, quantum physics, space travels and is amazing to clearly see, a blunt contrast on people’s attitudes, coming from primitive, ignorant and discriminatory thoughts, of religious nature, sexual orientation, age, racial or social level. They forget that, we all came to this world in the same manner and just as the same, our bodies will putrefy tomorrow in coffins, even if made of precious stones, equalling all of us. Thus confirming that, the only thing which differentiates us, is the way we see the world and how we conduct ourselves in it.

Yet we still value that of which has no value:
Appearances: speckled bodies, plastic beauties, with empty minds and hearts deprived of affection, with comforted egos by what they see in the mirror or by the false praise of the envious;
Social Status: falsely grounded by a diploma, a job of power, money in the bank, imported items, expensive trips, backed up by fictitious credits which at any time, can be subject to be wiped out by selfish and ambitious governmental and empowering minds or an unstable economy;
Racial: we prefer to forget the facts confirmed by history, where the white race, were the main producers of sufferings occurred in many of the stories of mankind and that if we simply peel off our own skins, you will see no difference. The world is made of many colours.
Sexual orientation: highly prejudiced thoughts showing a psychological pathology of hidden duality, unresolved frustrations based on imposed beliefs.

We dispel others for the superfluous world we have created, where gives us a false high self-esteem, believing to be somehow, better than those we judge and discriminate. All this, for things that a moth can eat, a thief can steal and rust will destroy one day. 

We are blind to the essentials of people, that of which money cannot buy, no plastic surgery can reproduce nor can be bought from a shop shelf: 'the inner beauty, morality and character'.

We still label others as if they were things, we live in inverted values where many cherish conventions; the absurd became normal, the immoral, entertain us on the TV and on virtual sites. We give more strength to evil by disseminating their doings on world news, instead of the many good deeds that are done in anonymity. We are quick to judge before wearing others shoes, in order to understand what led them to be or do what was done.

We have lost the sense of ethics, sad fact we don’t need to be religious to know that:
•it is ethical to do good without choosing who to;
•it is ethical to respect the differences, the individual, and the rights of each other;
•it is ethical to give others what we would like to receive if we were them;
•it is ethical to divide the bread with those in hunger;
•it is unethical to point fingers, to treat differently a humble person that walks in an expensive shop or restaurant;
•It is unethical to see the lack of respect for human kind.

If with love, is already so hard to live in this world, without it, we will be involved in a tangle of unrelated craziness, in which prejudice takes over the minds, causing so much pain. We are certainly responsible for the inequities in this world, and shouldn’t remain silent when facing injustice, but above all, we must exemplify the best in us; “Be the difference you want to see happening on others.”

“Whilst we refuse to conform to this reality, in fear of going against a false interpretation of the truth, the words we profess doesn’t mean anything if cannot be sustained throughout times, by reason. And time, this faithful friend, will unmasks all that is not in accordance to the ‘Law of Love’, revealing how small were our thoughts, and how they have contributed to perpetuate others sufferings. Because, the world turns, and in one of those turns, we will have to face ourselves in the mirror”.

Let’s therefore, eliminate in us, any kind of inherited discrimination, so we don’t reproduce this unequal world in our children’s mind, because only the Creator holds the absolute truth and the right to judge.

“Worse than oppression, is the submission to others thoughts. One must not forget that, discrimination of any kind is an illegal and immoral harassment.”

by Jacky Sewell