Saturday, February 18, 2017

#Steps of #Life !

If I could give advice to the youth of this planet, one of the most significant would be: Do not skip the stages of your life! Do not wish to grow before your time, do not take for granted your present moment.

All steps are necessary for learning and for structuring life in a solid and safe way. Thus, preparing you to be able to overcome obstacles that may appear in your path.

If we skip a step on the ladder of life, later on, life itself will charge you with the knowledge you have failed to acquire in it.

Therefore, it is very important to live each moment with intensity, and each phase with commitment and gratitude, even if it is challenging.

You never know when a simple learning from yesterday (even from a casual conversation with someone) can be useful in today, or better yet, be the exact and necessary key to opening the door of opportunity which will help you achieve your future goals.

Bless each stage of your life with your full presence, and do not let anything divert your attention from what really matters in the now.

The worst thing in life is finding yourself facing a situation where you will regret something you failed to do!

By @JackySewell

Ps. I was inspired to write this text that came from one of the deep conversations I usually have with my beloved son. This is one of my advice to him, to my nephews and to the young people of the world.